Styling Consultation

Styling Consultation

Wedding planning consultation

Styling Consultation | wedding

In case you need a wedding planner in Greece to help you find the right vendor for your special day or assist with your wedding decor, we can help.

We know that every detail coming together, on this special day, will shape your memories. It somehow becomes a part of your identity, your family history, your legacy. Thinking back, you’ll beam proudly at the choices you made for your wedding – the small and big details that made you feel incredible such as the food you’ll never forget, the music you danced to with your sweetheart, the laughter in each other’s eyes and the meaningful luxuries and playful moments that marked the day as irreplaceably  yours.

We will discuss everything that you love and everything that you don’t, so that finally your own unique fairy tale wedding day will be literally coming to life.

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