Vibrant and colorful wedding

Colorful wedding | Cyclades

Colorful wedding. Our beautiful couple sought a very relaxed approach on their wedding day with a bohemian and a Cycladic vibe we really loved. They couldn’t look further than Ios Club for their wedding venue that matched perfectly their wedding style. They used vibrant colors for their wedding decoration; from the flowers, the stunning bouquet, the colorful geometric ceremony backdrop, the pink macrame wedding favors, even to the groom’s coral tie. With vibrant colors on the selection of the flowers it is easy to go creative.

Fuchsia peonies, pink ranunculus, anemones, yellow chrysanthemums, pink lilies, daisies and many more gave the eye-catching effect and made a real statement. Along with the pops of colors, the heartwarming sunset colors in this idyllic setting by the sea, set the tone for everything they wanted for their dream wedding.